september 2023 | Issue No.2

Focus on Personal Growth


Personal Growth Exercise

Written by nellmari

Personal Growth and development are correlated with greater happiness. As with life purpose, try the following exercises to identify aspects of personal growth most important to you.

  • Make a list of all your accomplishments over the past twelve months. Reflect on how these accomplishments have contributed to your personal growth. Can you see the underlying theme of personal development directions that is most satisfying?
  • Make a list of the opposite, those accomplishments that were drudgery and left you with little or no satisfaction other than completion.

“Personal growth requires determination”

Action Plan Details

There are six essential areas of life that makes us who we are.

As we work on personal growth, we can determine which area is weak and begin our focus on improving. We all go through seasons in our lives that we focus on one are more than others, but to get back to a balance life we should want to improve. After writing the list we can come up with goals and help you improve your weak points.

Take some time aside for yourself and analyze this. I can guarantee that your level of determination and excitement to see some changes in your live will increase. Don’t forget to say a prayer so that God can bring to memory all your accomplishments and you can honestly determine which area of your life you need to improve. Let’s get started!!